Meet our Volunteers

Debbie H has worked alongside our founder Debbie Newsome for many years now, and is an experienced foster carer. We caught up with her for a chat.

Can you tell us a bit about what you do at Henry’s Haven?
Loads! I foster, carry out home checks, and do some fundraising as well as helping with our auction page.

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What made you decide to volunteer at Henry’s Haven?
I got involved with Henry’s as I had been fostering for another rescue when Debbie Newsome was running it. When Debbie started up on her own, I decided to support her as I enjoyed working with her so much. She is clearly very passionate about the kitties and so friendly and supportive to everyone who gets involved.

What’s the hardest part of Rescue for you?
For me, it’s seeing the state that some of the animals have been left in or abandoned by previous owners. It’s so upsetting to know that some people would allow that to happen. Also, sometimes, letting a foster go that you have become particularly attached to is really difficult.

What do you enjoy most about your role?
Kitten cuddles! And seeing a turn around in cats that come into foster very wary, and then seeing the change in them when they are worked with. It’s especially rewarding when they go to their new home and you get to see them settled.

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What do you do for fun outside of cat rescue?
Outside cat rescue, I also volunteer in dog rescue, so most of my spare time is doing things to help the dogs and cats.

Do you have cats of your own?
I have two cats if my own: Hunter who is part Maine coon. He’s only 9 months but he’s HUGE! He was from the first litter that Debbie rescued on her own before starting Henry’s. My other cat is Cinder who is a Henry’s Haven kitty and is 5 months old. I also have two German Shepherds: Ruby who is 7, and Radar who is 10 months old. They all absolutely adore each other.

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