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Sophie is a long time Eccentric Feline Enthusiast, and has been volunteering with Henry’s Haven since the very start. We caught up for a quick chat.


Can you tell us a bit about what you do at Henry’s Haven? All sorts! I’m a foster carer, mainly for short term fosters. That means cats recovering from an operation, or cats that need somewhere safe for a few days until a longer term place can be found. I also help with paperwork like developing policies and procedures, and look after the website.

What made you decide to volunteer at Henry’s Haven? My last volunteer role had ended and I was at a bit of a loose end. I’m a huge cat lover and have four of my own, so when Debbie reached out to me to help with a local stray, it was a really natural fit. I didn’t have any rescue experience besides helping a friend rescue a stray, so it’s been quite a steep learning curve.

What’s the hardest part of Rescue for you? Seeing how badly some people treat animals. That and when people refuse to neuter their pets. I find that really upsetting because spay and neuter means healthier, happier animals, that are not bringing unwanted kittens into the world.

What do you enjoy most about your role? Seeing cats go to their forever homes! When I started I was worried that I’d not be able to let go of my foster cats, and that it’d be too hard emotionally. What surprised me was that although I do get attached, it’s been really easy to let go because I know they are going to such great homes.


What do you do for fun outside of cat rescue? Cats are my main hobby, but I also make jewellery, do a bit of sewing, and love curling up with a brew and a good book.

Do you have cats of your own? Yes – I’ve got 4 cats of my own. Two came from a local rescue. Bumble is a big ginger girl who is a proper snuggler. She came into rescue as a pregnant stray. I fell in love the second I met her. Zoe is a fluffy long haired tortie. She was found abandoned in a box next to a canal at just 6 weeks old along with her two brothers. She’s quite aloof and definitely not a lap cat, so when I do get a cuddle it’s extra special.

My other two cats, Luna and Katniss, are pedigree Bengals. Buying from a breeder isn’t something I’d do again, although I’m not completely against breeding. I just think it needs to be much more heavily regulated to stop irresponsible breeding. As much as I love Bengals and want to always have one in my life, in future I’ll adopt rather than shop.

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