Henry's Haven is run entirely by volunteers and without people like our amazing team, donating their time and energy, we couldn't do the work we do! If you are interested in joining our amazing team please get in contact! We have two types of volunteering roles available; Foster carer and support worker. Support workers are needed to help transport cats and items about and to raise funds at our fundraising event days.

Please note: If you are aged under 18, you will need to get permission from your parent or guardian to volunteer. All under 18’s must be supervised by an adult while carrying out volunteering work. If your application is unsuccessful, we will hold your application form on file for 3 months, after which time it will be destroyed. If your application is successful, your application form will be held for the duration of your volunteering role. Once you leave, your full volunteer file, including your application form, will be destroyed. Your information will be held securely in accordance with GDPR, and will never be shared outside of Henry’s Haven.

Foster Carer

Foster carers are the backbone of the rescue, without them we would not have anywhere to look after and care for the rescue cats and kittens whilst they are waiting to find their own forever home. We are always looking for new foster careers that can look after adults, kittens and pregnant mums/ newborns.

Most foster carers will need a room or area where they can seperaate their fosters from their own cats to begin with. Introductions to your own animals can be made later if you want to, although this is not a requirement. Food, litter and flea/worm treatments can be provided if required. We understand that some fosters are happy to donate these whereas others cannot afford to, we do not discriminate and are very happy with either arrangement.

Most foster cats will require at least one or two vet trips, if not more, we do ask that you are able to transport them to these. We can make arrangements to help with transport on the rare occasion, such as for emergencies, but transport is something we do struggle to cover.

All of our foster carers have an abundence of love to give! Most rescue cats are scared and confused when they come in and require patience and love to show them that they are safe and things are only going to get better!

I have been fostering for almost a year now and I love it. From an early age I always wanted to work with animals. I wanted to be a vet but didnt get the qualifications. I then wanted to be a RSPCA inspector but couldnt swim so that was a no go. I ended up working at morrisons as a Butchery manager not the kind of working with animals I had in mind but it paid the bills. Then I found Henry's and realised I could fulfill my dream. I had my own cats and dogs and couldnt possibly have anymore but I wanted to help many more so fostering was the perfect solution! I can take in cats in need and get them ready to go to new homes. So far in the last year I've rehomed approximately 23 cats/kittens. That to me is reward in itself and that's what makes fostering so special.

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Support Worker

Support workers help to bring everything together in the rescue. These could be volunteers that transport items and/or cats, fundraising and running our social media outlets or just general administration work to keep the whole rescue running. There are many jobs that need doing for the general day-to-day running of the rescue and we are always in need of volunteers that can spare the time to help, even if its just a few hours at one of our bucket collection days!

Here is a list of some of the support roles we have and the different ways you could help us! We love regular volunteers but we also need people that can just spare a few hours here and there to help out, so don't hesitate to get in contact if you want to help support us!

  • Fundraising: The Rescue is funded entirely by donations from the public and from local businesses. We often have arranged fundraising events such as bucket collections or running a tombola stands which requires volunteers! If you can help out at one of our events or have some other fundraising ideas, please get in contact! If you run your own business and would like to donate items which we can use to raise funds, please let us know! We will be happy to promote your business at the same time as a thank you for your generosity!

  • Transport: We are always in need of people that can traansport cats, whether it is to bring them into rescue, take them to the vets or take them to their new forever homes! Transport is always a big problem for us at Henry's so if you have a car and can spare a few hours on an ad hoc basis, please let us know!

  • Trapping and scanning: A lot of the rescue cats we pick up are found on the streets, some are frightened and scared and need some coaxing to come out. Trapping these poor animals to bring them in for care can take time and a lot of patience, we would love to hear from you if you would like to help, we welcome both experienced and non-experienced trappers. We are also looking for people who have their own chip scanner that can help scan the cats that are found.

  • Administration: Behind the scenes there is a lot going on in the rescue; from record keeping, accounts, maintaining the website and social media outlets to processing applications, arranging homechecks, vet visits and helping previous adopters with the questions and queries. Administration can be very time consuming and we are always looking out for volunteers with the right skillsets to help out!

We are always open to new ideas and incorperating any skillsets volunteers might have, even if we haven't thought about it before! So please get in contact even if there is something you would like to contribute that has not been listed!

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